Understanding you better, letter by letter

I could not satisfy the physical urge in you,  which was a distressing mechanism for your release.

You were seeking highs that I couldn’t provide. Me being me, comfortable in my skin, nourished, never could figure out your fears.
I could not understand because I never understood such issues existed in people.

My personal reaction was an overblown series of dramatic consequences due to my inability to grasp such characters, which seemed straight out of a cinema.

I had only heard of movie stars having a nervous break down back then.
I did not realize you were lost. I see so many lost people at times now. I understand.
One coping mechanism after another, shells over shells. Cocooned deep beneath, is a beautiful butterfly, untested and potential untapped, due to situations, not able to find the direction.

We always had some kind of learning and unlearning to do between us.
You have given me a lot, unknowingly or knowingly. You fought to live, the little suicidal in you fought. The little strong girl. I used to get hurt expecting you couldn’t do some unexpected things. And that left both of us hurt.
I want to unwrap those twisted and dark corners in you, I want to see you explore.

May you take flight.I want to see you take flight.

This is between you and me. No one else. Ever.

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