Why would you tell the story of Guilt, Hate, Fear, Courage, Dreams, Risks, Love, Gratitude, the story of humans, to an unusual and silent audience.


The year is 2020 A.D. The place is The Court of Cosmic Records.

A man stands in front of the Jury on a trial. This one is of cosmic proportions. 

All he is asked is to do, is narrate the story of his life as he would confide to a confidante. There is no time off in this court and no place else to go. The trial goes on for days.

The Jury consists of many enlightened beings that have looked over him from higher realms and have helped him, in various walks of his life.

Through the cosmic window, he sees the many universes, the many Suns, the many Moons & planets floating in space waiting for the right time somewhere, for intelligent life to start. And with it, a series of events.

Find out what happens as he begins to transform into the unexpected.

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