Author: PriYa

Art is my passion .I love to write ,read,paint and sing and compose music .

Celestial Flight

Time was knocking on my door
And when I opened
Suddenly the gush of wind caught me
And pulled me along with it
I was flying, being in its arms
And experiencing the space at last
Where there was no emotion
Not a residue of hallucination
As I rose higher , I saw the glitter
The bejeweled sky and the earth as star
“How mean!”, I asked the wind
“You want to possess me,
You took me so far.”
And then it replied,
Not that I don’t want to possess
not that I don’t want to love
But my fair lady,
can you know the beauty by being below
Can you measure the magnitude of the glow
See with me ,see the sun and the moon
See the morning glory and moonlight charm
I am the one who knows all the beauty and that’s why you are in my arms

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