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A Scorpion on my wall

You can keep those secrets,
You can keep those stones,
All that you want to keep,
she will keep them as her own.

You can hide as long as it takes,
till you figure out she knows it all along.
Yes, she can keep your secrets,
And she can keep your stones,
All that thing you’ve been keeping in your head,
She can keep ém all.

You can keep her by your side,
You can make her your own,
She don’t like to share her thoughts,
There’s no such thing as right or wrong,
So you can still keep your own.

She can top all the charts,
She can work all alone,
And you will find her right by your side,
Wondering how did she do it all along.

It will last than what longer means,
Longer with us two alone,
But you can keep your secrets,
and still do it all night long.

Whatever that means I wonder is up to your head,
but you can keep your own.
Cause she will keep your secrets,
Like she keeps her own.

I like the winner that chases you,
I like that obsession more,
’cause winning is the secret,
Do it all the more.

I have one confession,
I may’ve been lookin’ at all the places wrong,
I couldn’t keep this secret so I,
wrote it on my Wall.

keep up with the faith to keep,
keep one hand in arms,
it’ll be like this perfect picture framed for life,
so that you can throw those stones.

you can keep your secrets
you can keep your stones
But if you got the nerves to share,
then she will keep ’em as her own.

–The secret admirer